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Find out more about Radiology

Thanks to the support of the Friends, Lymington Radiology team have a modern and efficient suite of high-technology diagnostic tools.
To improve patient care, we have worked with staff to create a set of new posters and logos (see picture) for each modality to explain:

  • the types of scan or x-ray
  • what happens before your scan
  • what happens after your scan

The Posters

  • MRI Scanner
  • CT Scanner
  • DEXA Bone Scanner
  • Ultrasound Scanner
  • Fluoroscopy Scanner
  • X-ray
  • Radiology Suite
  • Journey of new MRI

Radiology Modalities A3 Posters

Friends’ Donations

To help the hospital purchase modern diagnostic equipment, Lymington Hospital Friends has donated over £1.8m since 2010 on:

  • £61,000 (2020) – hi-tech Ultrasound
  • £575,000 (2019) – state-of-the-art CT Scanner
  • £285,000 (2013) – new Fluoroscopy Scanner
  • £933,000 (2010) – new MRI (replaced by Southern Health in 2021)

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