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Friends Evening May 2023

Help us buy a new trauma trolley ..

Sophia Watts (Senior Radiographer) needs your help to buy an additional trauma trolley that can be used with patients who attend the Urgent Treatment Centre with a suspected hip injury. They require safe and urgent transfer to Radiology for an X-ray.

What is a trauma trolley?

Fiona, Yasmin, Deepthi and Jacqui watch Sophia load an X-ray detector into the trauma trolley

It is a carefully designed hospital trolley that provides maximum patient comfort, is very adjustable and easy to manoeuvre. It has a special facility to enable an X-ray detector (the film plate that captures the image) to be slid under the patient without moving them on and off an X-ray machine bed (see photo).

The new trauma trolley costs £3,500.

Sophia Watts explains..

“When a patient has a fall or is involved in an accident, they may have a hip fracture. In elderly patients, where their bones are more brittle, it is critical for us to assess quickly whether a fracture is present or not.

Patients with a hip fracture will need to be transferred to University Hospital Southampton for surgery to either repair the damaged hip or undertake a full hip replacement. Those with no fracture can be treated by our specialist team and helped with their recovery and return home. 

This new trolley will ensure we can transfer them for an X-ray with minimum movement to their injured area.”

Arthur England (Joint Chair and Trustee, Lymington Hospital Friends) adds ..

This is a very important facility where we can help the hospital improve patient care. We need to raise £3,500.

Please help by making a donation. If you are a taxpayer and add gift aid, we can claim an additional 25% at no cost to you.”

Burley Golf Club's Bladder Scanner Donation
Friends Evening May 2023