Great Friends Event May 2023
New wayfinding signage

Mike Hodges, Mike Webb and Arthur England

The donation took place at a Lymington Rotary meeting and lunch at the town’s Royal Yacht Club.

Mike Hodges and Arthur England (Joint Chairs and Trustees of Lymington Hospital Friends) were presented with a ‘big cheque’ for £2,550 by Mike Webb (President of Lymington Rotary).

This followed a fundraising campaign by the Rotary club members to raise money for two specific pieces of equipment.

Mike Webb explained ..

“Rotarians always like to raise money to support local organisations that benefit the community, and this donation was keenly supported by our members in aid of Lymington Hospital patients.

All our members benefit from the magnificent range of services provided by our local hospital”.

Mike Hodges thanked the club members for their generous donation ..

“This has enabled the Friends to purchase two sets of Marsden Digital Weight/Height Scales to provide accurate weight and height measurement in two departments.

The Urgent Treatment Centre can gain a quick and accurate height, weight and BMI to guide medication dosage and gather valuable anthropometric data for child health monitoring and safeguarding. The Radiology team can use their equipment with bone density (DEXA) scans to improve the accuracy of fracture risk assessments”.

Arthur England rounded off the presentation ..

“Fundraising by local organisations plays a major part in helping the Friends to improve patients care. The amazing community donations enable us to continue to purchase many items.

Recent examples include hi-tech equipment for the hospital’s leading diagnostic centre and mobile kit for community nurses, physiotherapy aids, therapy support for stroke and dementia patients … and much more.”


Great Friends Event May 2023
New wayfinding signage