Hospital Christmas trees
Review of 2021 - many successful projects

Burley Golf Club members ‘tee off’ for Community Nurses!

Our Community Nursing teams will now be able to purchase a new portable bladder scanner, thanks to a fantastic fundraising appeal by Burley Golf Club.

The new mobile service will provide a quick diagnosis for patients to treat urinary complaints at home, improving their quality of life, reducing confusion and the risks of complications and death. It will reduce the need for hospital admissions and avoid the unwanted stress of transporting elderly patients for diagnosis and quickly identify cases where further investigation is needed.

Lymington Hospital Friends had been reviewing ways to raise £8,000 to provide this new equipment to improve patient care in the community …

Captains’ Charity

Jo Clarke and Mike Page … leading the fundraising campaign.

At the same time, we were contacted by Mike Page who was looking for a charity for the Burley Golf Club to adopt as their Captains’ Charity for next year.

Mike (Men’s Captain) and Jo Clarke (Ladies’ Captain) were seeking a good cause to support at Lymington Hospital.

Mike explained

“The Captains’ Charity is an important opportunity each year for us to fundraise to help a good cause in the local community. Sadly, a number of our club members have been struggling with health issues in recent times and we wanted to find a specific Lymington Hospital project to support in 2022 as a gesture of thanks to the healthcare service.

The new mobile bladder scanner is one that we are pleased to set a goal to fundraise to raise the cost of £8,000. We have started already and will hold a series of events during the year, including the Captains’ Charity Day in the summer”.

Arthur noted

“I am thrilled that Burley Golf Club have agreed to set up a campaign to raise the £8,000 cost of the portable Bladder Scanner.

It was good to visit to the club and meet a number of their members before their recent AGM and to have a chance to outline the work of our charity and the vital importance of this new service to improve community care.

Thanks to this campaign, the Friends are now able to fund the scanner for the hospital as soon as it can be acquired.

Thanks Mike and Jo to you and your club members … please encourage them to sign up as Hospital Friends too.”

Hospital Christmas trees
Review of 2021 - many successful projects