How Staff can help

Tell patients, carers and visitors about us

Staff often say that many patients want to show their appreciation for the care they, their families and friends receive at the hospital.

Lymington Hospital Friends (LHF) need help from Lymington’s hospital staff teams to raise awareness about the work of our charity and how they can help.

We provide volunteers in the hospital, support new projects and raise money for new facilities and services to improve patient care and wellbeing above NHS funding.

With the continued generous support of personal donations, community fundraising, gifts in will and sponsors, we have donated over £1m on new equipment and facilities over the past five years – see examples of what we do.

Five Ways people can help the hospital

How YOU can help

We are asking staff to have conversations with patients, their families and friends about the work of Lymington Hospital Friends.

Please explain the need for fundraising to purchase additional equipment for the hospital to improve patient care, over NHS funding.

Become a Staff Champion

Some of the things you can do:

  • mention that Lymington Hospital Friends are an important part of our hospital
  • hand out a leaflet
  • invite someone to become a friend and subscribe to our newsletter
  • come up with ideas about a new service and pitch it in our Dragons’ Den