How Staff can help

Charity ‘Prompt Cards’

Tell your patients about us

Staff often tell us that many patients want to show their appreciation for the care they and their families and friends receive at the hospital.

Lymington Hospital Friends (LHF) need help from Lymington’s hospital staff teams to raise money to support projects to buy new hospital equipment and improve patient care and wellbeing (over and above that provided by the NHS).

The work of the Friends is managed by volunteer trustees, supported by a team of volunteers who give their ‘gift of time’ in the hospital. Volunteer services have been suspended for over a year due to COVID restrictions.

Donations to our Hospital

However, throughout the pandemic, the LHF trustees have been working with the hospital to raise donations to support patient care and staff wellbeing. They have additionally completed the funding for the new Ultrasound scanner and mobile echocardiogram. In 2021, we have launched new Patient Care Campaigns:

Helping Patients to support us

We are asking staff to have conversations with patients, their families and friends about the work of Lymington Hospital Friends and to explain the need for fundraising to purchase additional equipment for the hospital to improve patient care.

The hospital managers have agreed that staff can use Charity ‘Prompt Cards’ designed with the ‘Friends’ (see above image) to explain how people can donate to support the hospital and how to sign up to the Friends’ Newsletter.

We will also use posters and leaflets to promote current fundraising campaign and will keep staff informed by circulating the monthly Friends Newsletter.

“Spread the word”

Please help us to promote our fundraising campaigns by following us on social media and sharing links with your friends on  Facebook  Twitter and Instagram.

Charity Champions Forum

To help us develop ideas for future projects that can be funded by the Friends and to come up with opportunities for staff fundraising, we have set up a ‘Charity Champions’ Forum.

The group is composed of staff team leaders and Lance Beatty, working with Arthur England and Mike Hodges (both Trustees and Joint Chairs of Lymington Hospital Friends).