Lymington Hospital Friends (LHF) Charity

Lymington Hospital Friends is a registered charity based at Lymington New Forest Hospital with the primary objective of supporting the hospital and helping to improve the care, comfort and wellbeing of patients, above and beyond what the NHS can fund and provide.

As a local charity, we wish to ensure we are open and transparent regarding our activities and the following commitments describe how we engage with all of our supporters (Friends), volunteers, stakeholders and the wider local community.

Our Commitments

  • LHF will keep Friends* informed about the work of the charity within the hospital and the raising and disbursement of funds to support patient and hospital needs – see our Fundraising Promise
  • LHF will issue a newsletter at least bi-monthly to all Friends and will update our website regularly with any news about our activities, strategies and future plans
  • LHF will encourage the involvement of Friends in the management and governance of the charity and welcome applications for vacant positions as trustees of the charity, which we will advise to Friends and the public as they become available
  • LHF will meet at regular intervals with senior management of the Hospital, Southern Health and other providers to develop joint plans to meet the future needs of the hospital and patients
  • LHF will communicate a summary of the charity’s strategies and plans – subject to any confidentiality or commercial sensitivity on the part of the charity and our partners
  • LHF will keep Friends informed of the ongoing management of LHF, such as proceedings at its board meetings and discussions with other parties through our regular newsletters and on our website
  • LHF will hold an ‘Annual Friends Evening’, where Friends can meet with the trustees in person to discuss the activities of LHF and raise any questions they may have.

Additionally, Friends are welcome to raise questions with or provide feedback to the LHF Chairpersons at any time at

(*The term ‘Friends’ includes those who have signed up as supporters of the charity and also applies to our Registered Volunteers.)