Thank you … we truly value every donation we receive

All of the funds we raise are used to enable our ongoing support to Lymington Hospital – see the list of our donations to the Hospital totalling over £5m below!

You can also help us by:

DateWhat was donatedLocationDonation
2023Wellbeing Nature TrailHospital Grounds£37,000
2023Stroke therapy CircuitsCommunity£1,000
20233 Smart Colonoscope ProbesEndoscopy£107,000
2023Endoscopy Track & TraceEndoscopy£16,200
2023Speech Therapy iPadsStroke Team£880
2023Blood Pressure & Resus MonitorsUrgent Treatment Centre£15,000
2023Stroke Therapy KitchenAtrium£2,000
2023Smart BMI ScalesRadiology & UTC£2,500
2023New hospital signageAcross hospital£7,000
2023Stroke ActivitiesStroke Ward£1,000
2023Trauma TrolleyRadiology and UTC£3,500
2023CT Cannulation Chairs (x2)Stroke Ward£3,400
2022New Audio Sound DeckHospital Radio£1,500
OngoingPatient Newspapers provided 'free'Wards£3,500 per annum
2022Dementia ActivitiesDementia Ward£1,000
2022Eye Slit Lamp + TonometerUrgent Treatment Centre£4,700
2022Rockwell Battery TestsStroke ward£480
2022Radiopedia SubscriptionRadiology£1,000
2022Mobile EchocardiogramWards£6,000
2022Mobile Bladder ScannerWards + At Home£8,000
2022Artery TesterClinic + At Home£6,000
2021Stroke Therapy GardenStroke Ward£1,000
2021Stroke + Dementia ActivitiesWards£2,000
2021Mood lightingRadiology£1,000
2021Physio ShockwaveMSK Physio£7,000
2021MIRA Guided Stroke TherapyStroke Ward£8,000
2021Stroke GYM / DayroomStroke Ward£10,000
2021Physio Gym Patients / StaffMSK Physio£27,500
2020Ultrasound ScannerRadiology£61,000
2020COVID - Patient WelfareWards£3,300
2020COVID - Staff WelfareWards£3,900
2019Beakers for Speech Therapy PatientsWards£100
2019Fans for COPD PatientsWards£390
2019CT ScannerRadiology£575,000
2017Irrigation PumpsEndoscopy£3000
2015Lung Function Machine & VitalographResuscitation£35,219
2015Garden FurnitureDeerleap Ward£829
2013Special Cutlery & Arm SupportsMedical Wards£1,987
2013CoaguChek® Blood Monitoring EquipmentMinor Injuries£775
2013Fluoroscopy equipmentRadiology£285,504
2012Turun Wonderguard Bed and Chair SensorsMedical Wards£8,144
2012Ocular Tomography ScannerOphthalmic Services£55,915
2011Balance Master + Two Benches + Lower Limb TrainerPhysiotherapy£10,425
2011Arjo hoistWilverley ward£5,455
2010Motorised Limb TrainerPhysiotherapy£4550
2010Wheelchairs & Arterial Pressure Index KitWards£1858
2010Yag laser machine plus accessoriesOphthalmic services£37,518
2010MRI scanner Radiology£933,785
2010Rehabilitation equipmentDeerleap Ward£1,726
2008Patient Entertainment SystemAll Wards£211,500
2008Endoscopy SuitesMedical Wards£500,000
2008Contribution to Hospital Radio StationAll Wards£25,000
2007Respiratory EquipmentRespiratory£19,700
2007Artwork and signageHospital Decor£16,300
2006Courtyard gardensCourtyard£16,000
2006Friends Shop, Cafe and Office fit out and set upMain Hospital£83,000
2005Opthalmic EquipmentOpthalmic Services£19,000
2005MattressesMedical Wards£14,000
2004Purchase New Hospital FreeholdLand£1,550,000
2003X-Ray EquipmentRadiology£102,000
2003Dignity ProjectMixed wards£100,000
2002CardiologyMedical Wards£28,000
2002BronchoscopesRespiratory £57,000