Scanner Appeal

Why we need to upgrade our Scanners

Ambulance service supporting the Scanner Appeal

Our fundraising challenge is to raise £1.39M to replace the hospital’s ageing radiology equipment, with modern efficient scanners, namely:

  • CT scanner
  • Two Ultrasounds and
  • MRI scanners.

 Key benefits include:

  • Faster, safer scans
  • Improved patient service and comfort
  • Quicker clinical diagnoses
  • Better operational use for staff
  • Lower radiation doses
  • Future-proof  radiology services at Lymington
  • Local provision to community, without need to travel

The business and operational impact of failing to replace outdated radiology equipment will impact the hospital’s service as the existing scanners become obsolete; this will have a serious impact on clinical services and costs.

CT Scanner:

We have achieved the first stage in our scanner appeal, with the commissioning of the new state-of-the-art CT scanner in July 2019 … see news story Big Cheque £575,000 helps buy new CT Scanner.


  • Potential to develop a 3D imaging ultrasound service
  • Higher image quality and definition
  • Reduced patient radiation doses and contrast exposure
  • Reduced need for some patients to require a CT
  • Lighter user friendly and ergonomic equipment for staff use.


  • Significantly faster sequencing
  • Reduced time patients need to remain still
  • Improve patient comfort and shorter scans
  • Faster throughput of the scanner and efficiency
  • Enhanced imaging.