Members & Friends

Become a Member or Friend

You can now apply to be:

  1. a Member of the League of Friends; and/or
  2. a Friend of the League of Friends.

There is no subscription or charge to become a Member or Friend, although company law requires Members to give a £1 guarantee (explained below).


Members of LoF are ‘members of the company’. This means they have specific legal rights under company law. Each member also agrees to contribute up to £1 in the event that LoF becomes insolvent whilst they are a Member, or within 12 months of them ceasing to be a member. This is known as a ‘guarantee’ and is necessary because the charity is structured as a company limited by guarantee. Members are entitled to attend and vote at LoF’s General Meetings.”

Members have certain additional powers under company law.

If you wish to become a Member, please sign and return the enclosed Membership Application Form (DOCUMENT “A”) and (if you agree to its terms) the Data Protection Consent Form (DOCUMENT “C”). The Membership Application Form confirms that you have read and accepted LoF’s Articles of Association, a copy of which can be found on our website at under the ‘About Us’ section.


Friends of LoF are contributors to the charity who do not have specific rights under company law.  Friends do not have any liability in the event of LoF’s insolvency and do not have any voting rights.

Friends are entitled to attend the Annual General Meetings of LoF but cannot vote on the meeting’s resolutions. Friends will continue to receive certain benefits in recognition of their valued contribution to the charity.

If you wish to be a Friend of LoF, please complete and return the enclosed application form (DOCUMENT “B”) and (if you agree to its terms) the Data Protection Consent Form (DOCUMENT “C”).

Please return your completed forms to:

The Membership Secretary, League of Friends of the Lymington New Forest Hospital

Wellworthy Road, Lymington, SO41 8QD or by email to

Frequently asked questions

  1. The League of Friends now has two categories of contributors: Members and Friends.
  2. “Life Members” and Volunteers of LoF can choose to become Friends and/or Members.
  3. A Friend can also become a Member. A Friend who becomes a Member will enjoy certain additional rights, such as the ability to vote at General Meetings.
  4. A Member can also become a Friend (if they have not already done so) although there are no direct benefits for doing so. This is because Members already benefit from having more legal rights than Friends.
  5. If you wish to become a Friend as well as a Member, please complete and return both of the enclosed application forms (DOCUMENT “A” and “B”) and (if you agree to its terms) the Data Protection Consent Form (DOCUMENT “C”).