The League of Friends of the Lymington New Forest Hospital (LLOF)


Deadline 30 Sept 2019 

Who we are

The League of Friends is a charity set up to improve the care and comfort of patients, visitors and staff at the hospital. Since 1952, we have contributed over £4 million for this purpose and are currently fundraising up to £1.39m to help with the costs of replacing the hospital’s ‘Imaging suite’ with new CT, Ultrasound and MRI scanners.

Following a period of change, we are looking for a new Chairperson to build on our success in fund-raising and to lead the charity into the next phase of our support for the hospital.

What we do

The League of Friends of the Lymington and New Forest Hospital is a Registered Charity, made up from trustees, members, volunteers and staff.

Our main aim is to improve the care and comfort of patients, visitors and staff beyond funding and provision from the NHS. This includes the operation of a shop, café, guiding and other services as well as the provision of small and major equipment purchases.

What you will do

Due to unexpected retirement of the current Chair, we are seeking a new Chairperson to lead an enthusiastic Board of Trustees.

The Charity has significant commitments over the next 2 years to meet fundraising targets to support the purchase of new scanners for the Lymington New Forest Hospital.

As Chair, you will be responsible for:

  • Leadership of the board of Trustees in setting the strategy, policy and financial governance of the organisation
  • Leading the Trustees in developing and executing plans to raise funds for the current scanner appeals and the ongoing support for the hospital
  • Chairing the AGM, the monthly Board meetings and overseeing any sub-committees with delegated powers
  • Ensuring the charity effectively manages and recognises the staff and volunteers providing services within the hospital.
  • Representing the League of Friends at meetings and functions and as a spokesperson for the Charity
  • Managing the relationship with the management team(s) within the hospital to ensure our objectives are aligned and support is provided where most needed.
  • Ensuring that the Charity complies with its own Memorandum and Articles of Association, relevant legislation and regulations including but not restricted to, financial, employment, organisational and charity.

What we are looking for

  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to the duties of a Trustee and Chairperson.
  • Experience of developing strategic plans with the vision to drive forward the development of the Charity.
  • Ability to organise and direct fundraising activities.
  • Ability in networking, with the energy and commitment to make a difference,

Skills Required

  • Fundraising strategy
  • General Management
  • Governance
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership, networking and people skills

What difference will you make?

The successful candidate will ensure that the League of Friends continues to provide effective support and partnership to the Lymington New Forest Hospital. 

  • You will lead the delivery of the fundraising commitments for new scanners.
  • You will ensure that our paid and volunteer staff continue to make a difference to the hospital, the patients, visitors and staff.
  • You will support the hospital in delivering equipment (e.g. scanners) and range of services to the local community and avoid them travelling long distances for care. 

What’s in it for you?

You will have the satisfaction of leading and working with your fellow Trustees, members of the Charity, the Operations Manager and a large team of enthusiastic volunteers.  

You will lead the League of Friends for the Lymington and New Forest Hospital to improve the care and comfort of all those within the community that use or work in the Hospital, above that provided by the NHS.

How we work

Both in and out of office hours, mainly at home, at the Lymington New Forest Hospital site and across Hampshire and possibly East Dorset (within 50 miles).

This is a voluntary unpaid post and requires an undertaking to prepare for and chair up to 12 Board meetings a year (approx. 2hrs each) and chair the AGM.

You will also need to have sufficient time to invest in regular and occasional commitments to manage the charity and to fundraise. 

This will vary according to the priorities and activities underway within the charity at any one time (currently higher due to major fundraising campaign).


If you are interested in this role, please;

Find out how to Become a Trustee.